Our Way To Make A Club Chair

The way that your leather chair is made at club-chairs.co.uk is traditional in every way and we never take short cuts, nor do we use any cheap materials when we make this for you. The way that some chairs are made at some furniture manufacturers, literally a mass production line, where using off cuts and wood chip is considered to be normal, is not the way that we work at club-chairs.co.uk.

Hand Crafted Furniture

To begin, all our craftsmen are time served apprentice trained in their particular craft, using traditional methods that have been handed down over the years. These include cabinet makers, upholsterers and leather workers. Starting with the all important frame, we use hardwoods only they are precision machined and constructed by dedicated frame makers using dowels and screws- not staples and nails, this means that we can offer our 10 year guarantee, knowing that club chair will not suffer from creaking or warping and certainly will not fracture.

The frame is now complete and we must apply the springing and padding this is done using a mixture of springs of the traditional style with modern Pirelli webbing. Depending upon the style of club or wing chair chosen we may use other types, such as hand tied springs. Although our leather chairs are made using traditional methods, we are not stuck in a time warp and the padding for the chairs that we use is multi graded reflex foams which help your club chair be soft and comfortable, whilst retaining its timeless shape.

We finally lay the all important leather over the padded frame, a crucial stage of the process of making a club chair, if not buttoned and applied properly, creases and sags will form immediately. There are three style of leather finish from which you can choose and the range of colours we are sure will not disappoint. The brass studding is hand applied and items such as the exposed feet are polished, leaving the finished item to be dusted down, wrapped and despatched to you. Your new leather club chair will give years of service, grow its own patina and become part of your home and life.